Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Still here, not much going on

The commuting fairies have been distinctly unfriendly this week, especially in the morning. Therefore, not much progress has happened on the hat.

Monday evening was devoted to revamping the template, which I'm surprised went as well as it did. Tuesday the replacement CGMS showed up. In the meantime, there has been very little progress on Himself's sweater.

Off to catch some sleep. Just one of those days when you wonder what is the length of the tail of some of these boluses. What does Himself mean commenting about unnecessary fussing? How can fussing be considered unnecessary?

I'm in no mind now to weigh in on the fussing question. I've been dithering all week and it's driving me mad. Also, I have given up on the thought of finding a guy who doesn't get fussing, since we all know how well that turned out the last time.

p.s. Can you tell me which of two rock shows to see Friday night? Both is unfortunately not an option.
Ah, but you might be confusing fussing with decision-making, which is another non-process all together.

How to decide? Barring strong like or dislike towards either group, there's the economics argument (is either free or is one astoundingly more affordable than the other?) the logistics argument (how easy/difficult is it to get to one or the other? likewise is the venue better/worse?) There's the company you'll keep argument (who's also going or not?). Are we getting anywhere?

Speaking of which, if we go to Vermont on Sunday for the diner that's just off the junction of 89 and 91, do we come back by way of Elegant Ewe? (89 to 93) or down 91 and back by Route 2 (there's a place in Littleton) or the long detour (91 down to the MA Pike and get to Webs)? Apply prior process.
i love the patience process! i'm a terrible decision maker, and all my considerations turn into fussing, and eventually a big, "i don't care, you decide!" hurled at someone else. as with all things, patience logic rules- it would always work- just like reading knitting.
In some people's opinions, fussing is largely unnecessary. But then, as y'all say, some of us just don't get the fussing thing. This is why Herself has the fussing job.

As Herself will tell, I mostly only fuss about a week or so before I travel, because that's the time by when most important things Must Be Done, as there is not time to make sure they're set up properly in the last few days.
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