Thursday, July 21, 2005

Almost Finished Wiggle

Despite not having much knitting time on the T today, 2 sleeves of the Nalgar are done, one shoulder is kitchenered and I expect to have "finished" pictures in the morning light. Note "finished" means "not necessarily with its ends sewn in and care label attached."

Then I need to decide whether to recover the A4A sock that has completely come off its needles (right) while being carried in my bag, or start another Nalgar with superwash Merino I got at Mind's Eye Yarns last night, for the endo who's due 8/25 (left). And if I do the Nalgar, (which I do in 4 round stripes when I have two colors) do I start at the bottom with the green or the purple. Last night I was ready to buy the bright orange (3718) along with the green I did get, but it was discussed by those in attendance that the Irish Unification Baby Sweater might be a bit much for a family whose last name begins McC****.

But for tonight, there's a game on, and the Spiral Nebula is at 144 stitches per major section as of this morning. I think I'll aim for 150 stitches PMS before doing the edging and hope the yarn doesn't run out.

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