Thursday, July 21, 2005

And Himself (what he's doing not updating his blog)

For those of you acquainted with Himself, who have been following his blog of travels through Europe, the news, as of this morning was that, having had a nice visit with his auntie, Himself and his ex-pat brother were going to start driving to Paris. Last I knew, his plan was to have a day there before heading somewhere southish France/northern Spain for hiking/camping, before resurfacing July 28th in Grenada to join the Earthwatch team for the archeology part of the trip.

Now, given that he's never been to Paris, and has mentioned always wanting to go, and having scheduled only one day there, I'm thinking he'll be out around the town rather than hunkering in front of a computer, but I could be wrong. I have no idea when his next update will be.

News earlier this week was that he had had time to visit with the nieces and nephews, the sweater* I made for the 2nd eldest niece's baby-to-be was pronounced "'goldig', which only very roughly translates as 'cute'" and it sounds like life is good.

*details available if you're absolutely salivating for them.

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