Thursday, July 28, 2005

Changes in the neighborhood

I'm still doing the edging (but into the 5th major section!) so no FO pictures yet.

In the meantime, the neighborhood is having a reconstruction project that has had things in a mess since last October and will be going on (I think) until February 2006. Here's what's affecting my commute - since I walk. I now walk in MA Ave in rush hour and deal with unfinished sidewalks on my way home. Sigh. At least I 'm not trying to drive through the lane reassigning mess down by Brueggers.......

Tonight I have a class here, so not sure how much progress there will be on the Spiral Nebula. Then Porter Square Books has a public hearing at 9:30 p.m. (?) on their application to add coffee/baked goods to their offerings at the bookstore.

Hey Patience,
How was the Porter Sq. Books meeting? Did you go? You know I depend on you for all the neighborhood dirt.
How was knife skills? Do you slice, dice and, perhaps, mince? Enquiring minds want to know!
Thanks again for covering the shop tomorrow! Talk to you soon.
Class ran until 10 (I had thought it ws 9), so I didn't get there. One of us will have to stop in this weekend and ask.

Others may have minced, but I think I got as far as a relatively small dice. It was a good class and if I saw another topic that caught my interest, I would sign up. The instructor was good and the class was well run and informative. It's my own issue that I was there partially to overcome being afraid of the knife itself, but I was getting reasonably comfortable by the middle of the evening. Learning how to hold and handle the knife and figure out what you need to cut and then how, rather than just hack at the object, was a big part of it.
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