Monday, July 25, 2005

Fiddly little rows

It's funny how slowly something like a 5 stitch row can go, but it does especially when it's lace. One of those odd bits of physics in knitting managing the two needles, making sure the little one doesn't fall out (and no, would you do a lifeline in these circumstances?) and figuring out how to control the springyness of the long needle with its cable. So far I've made it a little way into the third of five major sections. This is work that goes better to audio than video, though I made better progress watching Two Weeks on AMC than I did the Tour de France in the morning. Sports demands you watch it, and this is not look-away knitting.

Other than that, I did get out and about yesterday. I've always meant to go around the North End, which I did, but I missed having Himself with me to play "Lookit!" with the archtectural features on the buildings. Next week there's a festival and I may go back for that. After the North End I went to the South End and strolled down Tremont street from Clarendon but it was hot and sunny and I gave it up at MA Ave.

tee hee- i've found myself able to look away on occasion from look-away knitting. I like that feeling. Reading a sign on the train while knitting along is so rewarding somehow. I was in such awe of that when I first started.

In other knitting news, i finally found a new york yarn shop i can stomach- it's in soho, called simply "purl." the owner was there stocking shelves a la lucy (with koigu all over the floor and table, trying to determine the color arrangement that suited it). She invited me to touch everything, to look around, and to sit, be comfy, and knit a few rows if i wanted. Phew- I was afraid all the yarn stores here were either stodgy or $98 per skein (literally- look up "string" on madison ave.- least expensive skein, $22...)
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Congratulations on finding a new LYS! The true test is will they take messages and find you to pass them on......

After the visit with the endo last week, we've been doing science on me, which means I have to be not only good, but dutiful. And doing science means no extras, like chocolate bits or ice cream (did you hear there's an Emack and Bolio's next to Healthworks now?) I wasn't aware how many "extras" I had in the course of a week until I have to make myself not have them.

Sigh. It's hot here.
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