Sunday, July 17, 2005

More About Stanley

Dryer felting! Just realized I hadn't shared how I felted him, for those who are experimenting. It took a couple hours in the dryer with about 3 towels.

I do either dryer felting (soaking wet object with several soaking web towels on hot/high heat, resoak as necessary), or handfelting in a double sink (if the object is small enough, like a hat). My towels are all old enough (Land's End late 80's/early 90's) that I haven't had a problem with their lint getting caught in the object being felted, though I've heard others having that trouble. Be sure to clean the link trap every time you check the object for doneness. Some colors seem to give off their mohair fuzz more than others. I've never felted in an washer and I'm not sure I want to.

Comments I've heard on dryer felting is that the resulting fabric is not as firm. Since I haven't done washer felting, I can't compare, but the fabric I get seems just fine to me. I will note that I don't always get my stitch definition to truly go away (see Stanley's knees), but I'm also of the "if the knitter is happy with the project, it's right" school.

I've also done several French Market Bags earlier this Spring, playing with color (one's missing for its closeup). I used (again) Lamb's Pride Worsted, various colors. My handles look smaller than the original, but they fit me. Mine turned out the size of a supermarket plastic bag, but much stronger, of course. It's perfect for hauling books to/from the library. I start the bottom with a dark color and use all of that skein, since it gets me a bit past the end of the increases anyway. Random stripes for the rest. When I used two new skeins, I wound up with some left over of each, but not much. This would be a good "see how far it goes" striping project for those with stuff to use up. Note, these are also covered in floor fluff and T-dirt, as evidence of use.

I'm totally making some market bags. I didn't like them on the knitty site, but i've been converted by your photo!
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