Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Not much knitting today

Not much of anything. It's hot. It's not as humid as yesterday, but it's still watch-out-for-the-insulin hot.

The T is having issues , hence the lack of trains, hence the lack of room, let alone seats, inside the train when it comes, hence the lack of knitting on the commute. Eh, I have a paperback - Miss Silver Comes to Stay by Patricia Wentworth, courtesy of the BPL. The character of Miss Silver is a retired governess, with knitting, who solves mysteries. This one is from 1948. I don't read much current paperback fiction, but this strikes me as better written, in a way I can't put my finger on other than that it doesn't sound irritating. (Like I said, it's hot and muggy here).

Tomorrow, train karma willing, I will be able to do the sleeves of the sweater and get to work and back in a reasonable length of time.

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