Saturday, July 23, 2005

One down

Here's the finished object (sans sewing-in) of the Nalgar for the co-worker's baby. This is the one I was angsting over whether or not there would be enough. It took most of 2 skeins of Numero Uno Print by Lana Grossa. The leftovers have gone to a crocheting co-worker of mine who can do marvelous things with tag ends of skeins.

As part of my goal of decluttering this summer, my friend Lucy will be coming by tonight with her shredder and we're going to have a time, watching the Tour de France and getting rid of papers. I'm sure Stanley will be helping.

And many thanks go to Queer Joe for advice on how to get sidebar links and buttons to work. The exercise is taking me back to the introduction to logic course I had as an undergrad. I've never done programming or coding, but I find if I stare at things long enough, I can usually start to figure something out. The BPL has a book on its way for me......

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