Monday, July 18, 2005

Path not Taken

Sunday evening I said I was going to start a Wonderful Wallaby for Afghans for Afghans. Instead, I grabbed one of two balls I have of somebody or other's Numero Uno Print (don't you love graphics so well designed you can't make out what they say), some size 5 16" needles, and cast on for a 100 stitch Nalgar (see Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop for instructions) to make a baby sweater for a co-worker due later this summer, and then put it down after a few hours half way up the body to the underarm increases, concerned that I don't have enough yarn for it.

BTW, in my experience, the only way to solve this mental dilemma is to keep going and either have enough to finish, or run out, and deal or frog. Bringing myself to do this on the other hand.....

So I started a sock this morning, medium kiddie size, for Afghans for Afghans and am just shy of the ankle, which tells you how long tonight's meeting was (but productive!).

Both of which are take-with-me substitutes for the Heartstrings FiberArts Spiral Nebula, which at this point is up to 141 stitches for each of the main sections and takes between 25 - 30 minutes to do a row. I'm trying to give it a row a day.

None of which is getting me any further along the Forest Path Stole (Interweave Knits, Summer, 2003).........

We'll just have to see what grabs my fancy tomorrow.

ooh- love the forest path. I may never be at that level of knitting skill (or dedication!). We'll see. You have to be careful- you're going to have as many projects as me. The difference will always be that you tend to finish the majority of yours (play ufo music for me).
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