Thursday, August 25, 2005

Connecting flights

He's a smart man. When they announced the first flight would be an hour late, knowing the original plan had about an 1 1/2 hour between connecting flights, he went back out through security to make arrangements at the ticket counter for a backup reservation on the later flight out of London. Which he needed, and many other people needed, too, by the time they got to Heathrow. They got to stand in line when they got there.

Unfortunately, his luggage isn't as quick-acting as he is.

He's a toasted image of his usual self, having landed in Boston on his timeclock at about 4 a.m. Travelling companions within the aircraft were a contingent of Catholic youth, coming home from that big gathering with the Pope last week. By his account, these representatives of their faith need to be send back for remedial work on comportment in confined spaces and notions of Christian Charity towards those attempting sleep. He had at least had warning of BA's catering difficulties (no special meals available as of earlier this week), so he'd a chance to get his own vegetarian meal.

I didn't work on the sock, instead the BPL had the new Monica Ferris mystery, Embroidered Truths, wherein the victim is Goddy's partner John. My assessment - if you're already following the series, keep up, but don't go get this one on its own merits.

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