Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I've made a little progress on the Wonderful Wallaby, but I'm being distracted by the heat and humidity and the need to do other things, like cook if I'm not going to get takeout, and laundry. And this is the summer of reduction of takeout, so last night was the night to cook.

I tried the chicken tikka recipe again, leaving out the nutmeg and trying a touch of the chili powder. A powerful taste, but I think I could get used to it. It still needs work.

While I was cooking, I was also reading Fork It Over by Alan Richman. He's a food critic and this is a collection of columns from various sources he's written for over the years. Easy going chapters and things to think about, like the disappointment when a restaurant has the three Michelin stars, and because of the name and fame, knows they won't be taken away (Bocuse must go). Melissa, I don't know how hard it is to get over to Queens, but please check out Leo's Latticini in Corona -- they are reported to make a great mozzarella and they have sandwiches. He also refers to it as Mama's and says police and firefighters go there all the time so Andy might know it.

Tonight is knitting group at Mind's Eye, so we know where I'll be, once I get there. At least supper is already made..... cold leftover chicken tikka with peppers. See how that tastes on a hot muggy night.

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