Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Par had to reschedule yesterday, therefore no accupuncture/massage on the complaining spots.

So I got out the tapestry needle, put on All the President's Men (on sale on Audible this week for $9.95 and when else would I get to read it?) and got to real finishing. Sewing in ends finishing. Of course, heavy-duty finishing I give to Lucy who will do it (for money), because I'm unhappy with my seaming skills, but not that unhappy that I want to practice them more.

We have the green/purple endo's baby sweater:

And the hot pink Wonderful Wallaby destined for Afghans for Afghans . The next deadline is mid-September in California -- if you're in the Camber - ville area (i.e., Porter/Davis) and want to put yours in the package with Lucy's and mine to save postage, please leave a comment and I'll let you know the date to have it to Mind's Eye.

You may note the lack of garter stitch on the top of the hood. Having made numerous attempts at grafting garter stitch knit side to garter stitch purl side, I flipped the page in the instructions and saw the alternate suggestion of a three-needle bind-off. This produced a channel of stockinette at the very top, but, ya know, it's not the State Fair contest for technical perfection, and it's purely functional. I'm happy with it, and I would give it to a kid I'm associated with to wear, and that's the criteria for a charitable donation, isn't it?

The purple/green/orange thing (see Saturday's post) is still going and is in the middle of its first sleeve. We'll see when it's finished if it, too, meets the above criteria of givable...... But then again, we know I have the color sense of New England Boiled Dinner.

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