Monday, August 22, 2005

Forty, Forty, Forty-eight hours to go-oh-oh

Yes, Himself will be back soon. Not that I'm looking forward to this or anything. Seven weeks can be a long time, though I've been waiting for some of my reserve books from the BPL for longer than he's been away, to put it in perspective.

In other happy news, Philips has returned a DVD player to this house and it seems to enjoy playing Muppets. Whereas the prior DVD player was playing sound and a solid blue screen before tech support said to ship it in.

I finished one kitten back leg, have one to go, then I get to move on to other undone and uncataloged portions of its anatomy. The FMB has one and a half handles (out of four) completed, and I'm doing the "do I have enough of this color left to finish?" squirm.

In other news I'm coming to realize that if that co-worker's wife is due to have their third child "around Labor Day," I'd best be getting started on the Pineapple Hat (Fiber Trends CH-15 - sorry, no direct links on the Fiber Trends site) I intend to make for the child.

And the Forest Path Stole is probably ready to be picked up again, having rested quietly since the 4th of July holiday. I wonder if it wants to go to the October 14th BCMS concert?

Forgive me if I'm a little distracted and humming.
9:30 - Forty, Forty Forty-five hours to go-oh-oh. I wanna be...

Hey Patience,
Fridge is all plugged in and functioning. Key worked just fine (the other one must be a dud). Talk to you soon! Lucy
i love the punk rock allusion!
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