Sunday, August 07, 2005

Give the hands a rest

Since I did so much knitting on Friday, while nothing actually hurt it still felt wise to lay off on Saturday. Mostly.

The surprize of the morning was walking to Arlington and finding MA Ave blocked off in either direction and the Cafe Barada area evacuated. No one was admitting to knowing anthing, including the guy who owns Barada, though a woman stuck in traffic was hollering about the bomb squad. Melissa? Anything through the old-buddy network?

I did the hood for the Wallaby, but last night was not the night to figure out garter stitch grafting, where this was grafting one side of the row to the other side of the row. You'll know what I mean if you've tried to do it, and if you don't know what I mean, see me later.

Lucy came by, and we couldn't get the DVD player to work other than show a blue screen and play sound. Diagnosis with other housemates needs to happen. Some more knitting on the green/purple/orange sweater happened. Black Cherry iced tea was drunk and random TV was watched.

So far, there are two suggested names for the sheep besides Mutton: Polly Ester and Hazel Ramsey. Anyone else? It's a very contented looking sheep.

Today I'm taking the train to visit the folks, so it's time to start a fresh project to have enough easy knitting fodder to fill the travel time.

I haven't heard anything about bomb threat stuff in arlington. Andy is in touch with the guys back cambridge side, and they would have said if they knew, I think.

For the sheep, mutton is depressing. do you like a silly name? Like wooly von woolsmith? or a serious name like Dutchess Sheepminster? I'll think on it, if she doesn't already have a name.
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