Saturday, August 06, 2005

It followed me home and I'm keeping it

I have no idea what the Newport Mansions giftstore on the wharf is doing carrying Folkmanis puppets, but there was this sheep in the bin that latched onto my arm and came home with me.

Given that I already have Lambiekins and Lambiepie in the menagerie, I need a name for this sheep. It's a mature-looking sheep, who's been around the pasture abit, who knows what to do when you find the green grass and how else to enjoy this life. So far, all I've come up with is Mutton (actually, for about the first hour I was thinking Sheepish), but I don't think that's its name.
Statistically speaking, odds are this is a ewe rather than a ram, but I haven't really thought that much about gender identity issues yet. So, folks, give me names, please.

And there was knitting yesterday (and I didn't see any lobster incidents), despite the high winds. This was finished on the subway on the way to the bus. Finished, of course, except for all the sewing in ends and putting the care label in......

And this was started on the bus down. You can tell I did a lot of sitting around yesterday, didn't I? Nothing hurts, but I should keep an eye on the wrists. It's an experiment in color, I've had co-workers tell me they like it, but the kicker comes when the subway rider on the way home wanted details. I'm being uncertain if they all play together nicely, but we'll see.

Also keeping me company on the bus, at least until the battery in the Palm ran down, was the audio book about the Ponzi Scheme that happened in Boston. The effect of mass psychology was amazing, and to think it all happened in such a short period of time - December to August. Makes you wonder if you lived in Boston that summer, would you have given this man your money with the promise of 150% return (your deposit and half it more) at the end of 45 days. It worked for the first people in.....

Tonight Lucy is coming over and I'm going to see if I can find this at the local video rental. It will go with the biking theme.

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