Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kitten - ready to move forward

I took a couple evenings mostly away from the knitting to enjoy the newest addition to Simon Brett's Fethering Mystery series -- Witness at the Wedding. Eh, he's a fun read, though I prefer Mrs. Pargeter as a character over Carole and Jude and any of the three of them over Charles Parris.

In the meantime, now that I've read the kitten instructions both forward and backwards, I'm ready to pick up the front legs and continue. Turns out I was confusing what some of the markers were for. Now they make sense, and I just need to get on with it.

How much of life can be summarized by just needing to get on with it?

The FMB is making progress, but it must be summer time. FMBs made during the winter using Lamb's Pride Worsted seem to fly by. In summer I'm noticing how every round does, indeed, have 200 stitches in it, don't they, which is pretty close to an average 40" around sweater. At least the bag does not have sleeves to be done later.

I don't have Quadrophenia in my CD collection, or I'm sure A Quick One would be set on repeat.

To be filed in the category of Life's Surprize Discounts, Harvard Art Museums have free admission for anyone with a Cambridge library card. And given that admission to Degas at Harvard is $7.50, that's money that could be in the yarn budget. I've had a Boston library card ever since I had 2 pieces of mail with the a Massachusetts address on them, but in close to 10 years of living in Our Fair City, I've never felt need for a Cambridge card, given their limited weekend hours. As a bonus, it will allow me to take out materials in Lexington.

I'll be heading to the exhibit tomorrow.

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