Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Knowing when not to

Doesn't stop me from keeping knitting, but I think I need to cut back just a tad. I thought I was in shape for long spells of knitting, but I've have more than the usual occasions lately and I think it's showing.

I'll be seeing Par tonight and see what he finds, but the muscles are tight and protesting, though not acutely painful. It reminds me of the discussion on the KnitList a few months back where people in pain were protesting that their doctor might tell them not to knit and whatever would they do?!?!?! And they didn't want to take the advice of folks saying don't ruin your arms/wrists.

This is not what used to happen where I would feel my wrists "getting full", i.e. carpal tunnel with the whatever going through it swelling. This is the forearms and upper arms protesting all the small movements. Par's done a lot of work on these areas (and upper back and neck) over the years. I wonder how much the stretching he's been having me try in recent weeks is playing into this, making me more sensitive to the discomfort?

So, progress was made on the sweater started Sunday, but it's not going to rip along at the breakneck speed of the others.

Pictures and progress report on several items tomorrow?

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