Monday, August 08, 2005


Had a nice visit with the folks yesterday, got alot done on the train, up to the underarm on the new sweater.

I'm definitely having tightness in the knitting muscles, to the point of uncomfortableness, so I'll take this is a warning to not push much forward. I see Par tomorrow, he's been giving me stretches to do, which I have been, sort of, so we'll see what progress gets made. It's probably time to read print books for awhile.

That being said, coming up in the queue is the Kettle Bag, which will be a shop sample for Mind's Eye. Wonderful Wool hot pink. It looks fairly straightforward so we'll see how it goes. If you can, knit in the round, pick up stitches along an edge, decrease and keep track of where you are in a pattern, you can do this. I've been catching up on Knitlist digests over the weekend, and it was interesting to see Kim Salazar discuss felting of swatches, she made many good points.

In other news, the DVD player is going to Louisville for repair/replacement. It's just over 90 days since purchase, so we'll see how they behave.

I just popped by to welcome you to the New England Knits ring, I noticed you just joined! So, welcome! Also, I think I may have sort of met you; I noticed you posted about working at Mind's Eye yarns a couple saturdays ago. I went in that day to buy some spinning fiber, how funny!
Thanks for coming by and I hope you keep doing so. Yes, that was me minding the store -- were you one of the two accidentally shut out by the upstairs tenant?

Can't WAIT to see the bag. I had Lucy send me yarn the other day, since I knew she had exactly what i wanted, and I have not yet found the perfect lys. the hunt contines.

All i can say for your wrists is- be good to them, you may miss them when they are gone. Par will do a good job. Just be sure to not get ganglionic cysts. Turns out I have these. Silly me- they decided that meant they should test me for everything under the sun. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lyme disease. Lupus. I'm thinking, hey guys, I'm 27!! gimme a break!
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