Thursday, August 04, 2005

New moon/new mood?

I'm hoping the new moon today will perk me back up. A good night's sleep seems to have helped so far, but it's only 6:30 a.m.

Made more progress on the Wallaby last night at knitting group, just about to start the neck ribbing. Since it doesn't look that different than yesterday, I'll focus on the neck placket that had folks interested in the sweater last night.

Part of the recent mood might be attributed to the compulsing over decreases. I do this whenever I have a set point A to point B increases or decreases over many rows -- I keep worring I've lost track and gone too far (which I rarely have). Much counting ensues and even if the count shows I've got at least 3 more inc/dec rounds to go, next round, same thing. It's a subtle thing, but something to recognize.

Something else to think about is the Company Picnic in Newport, RI on Friday, a day with co-workers from Boston and Hartford. I'm wondering if there will be a lobster story. We've had children at the (temporarily unattended) table with the cooked lobster decide that the lobsters "needed to go back to their mommies" and toss them over the railing into Narragansett Bay, and I've seen someone (no longer with the company) bring a small cooler and ask the hotel staff to pack her some lobsters on ice to take home from the buffet.

I'm still thinking about what to bring to knit for the bus ride down, afternoon hanging out on the steps hoping against hope for non-inane conversation, exploring Thames Street in the late afternoon and then the bus ride home. I'll need to pace my wrists.

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