Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quadruped Identification, Anyone?

Having found whatever town he's in today to have fewer sightseeing attractions than first supposed, Himself has found a workstation to upgrade his (formerly) text-only blog posts with photographs. They're worth a revisit.

In this post, he asks for help identifying the pictured quadrupeds. My guess is sheep (though I'm willing to be told they're goats, given that I'm not that intimately familiar with the fine characteristics of either), females, shorn sometime in recent memory, and that they're not merinos given that their skin isn't wrinkled. Though to help with the identification I would say the picture could have a higher ratio of animals' surface to grass background......

Anyone with a more informed guess?

it's an ass or two, that's for sure. Not donkeys, but ovine butts of some sort. I confused some goats with some sheep at the zoo the other day. I felt like a boob, but both were shorn and adorable... who can tell?
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