Monday, August 01, 2005

The rest of the weekend

First, great thanks to Kerstin of the New England Knits webring for helping me get set up to join the ring. It will be fun to be part of that.

The rest of the weekend was okay. It was strange yesterday to have temps not even 70, but then again, it allowed me to walk to the Arlington Stop & Shop for 2 things -- an hour (slightly +) of exercise and meats to cook for lunches.

I also looked at the Amalgamated Conglomeration of knitting needles that has been increasingly successful at hiding their compatriots and sent all the circular needles home to their respective beds in the 16" and longer than 16" pouches, and all the dps are at least in the box their containers are in, if not in the size-marked containers. You can't have everything in this life.

Minding the store was entertaining. People actually came in, which goes against the stereotype of a knitting store at the end of July. No surprizing questions to tax the mind, but a few nice conversations about what folks were working on. The Wonderful Wallaby made progress, and while nothing hurts, I made sure to be doing other things yesterday, like exercising and tidying. And the pillowghan I finished several years ago really got finished with the ends all sewn in.

And there were presents to myself in the mail Saturday. The artist had a booth at ArtBeat a few weekends back in Somerville with barrettes, though they were out of colors I wear. And I'm a sucker for hair jewelry. So I left a deposit and a request for colors (backed up by an email conversation about what I tend to wear) and these were in the package. The translucent pink is hard to photograph, so trust me it's a delicate pink, with a band of irridescent darker pink in the middle. When I asked her about blogging this with a link to her, the artist says:
my website is due to be updated by the end of August and currently doesn't show ANY of the fabulous stuff I've produce since July of last year! :-(  

She notes the best way to see what she's been doing is to go here. She also does necklaces, earrings (matching sets). Go look. Very pretty colors of glass.

The Wallaby got up to the sleeves joined to the body last night during the Princess Diary, so we're into the decreases and soon will hit the placket. And the hole in the shelf has been filled with other yarn that needed a place to go.

Now to go find a pink shirt to wear.

Hey Patience,
I'm glad Saturday went well. Thanks again for minding the store! I had a great time hanging with the Buddhists. Talk to you soon!
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