Friday, August 12, 2005

Tidying some stuff up

In the happy giddyness of recognizing that Himself will be returning just within the sell-by date of a bottle of milk (last week, it was the due back date of a BPL library book), I'm on a roll of getting things taken care of. Among other things....

I've done my pre-purchase of the Boston KnitOut gear - T-shirt and bag. Given that I'm going to get them anyway, I may as well take advantage of the pre-order discount.

And the sheep (courtesy of Lucy, Wren and Katie) has been named Maizey Ramsie. Only slightly corny, but she's a love.

The first season of the Muppets on DVD is on order. Even though the DVD player is in Philips' hands for repair/exchange. Soon they will meet.

I'm moving right along on the sweater (blue/white Limbo Mexiko)started on Sunday, which is about to start its sleeves.

And the purple/green/orange sweater just needs a neck and ends sewn in. It may not be New England's color aesthetic, but I think it will keep an Afghani orphan warm and comfortable.

And I'm going to trust that BA will have it's issues sorted out within 2 weeks. Or I'm going to have to put "get upset" on my list.

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