Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vacation hmmmmm

Quick post from the first weekend of vacation. We're around and about doing things that need to be done after a summer away and figuring out how we want to spend the rest of the week. Given the amount of rain in the forecast, there may not be many of the WalkBoston book hikes as I had hoped.

The Forest Path Stole has been picked up again! and put down! and picked up! First there was the bit of a tangle -- how can something that has been left untouched in a box for 7 weeks get a tangle in the yarn from the ball it to the project? Who says miracles don't occur? This morning I finished the left side triangle, ready to pickup and start tier 20. Pickup happened down the border side rather than the hypotenuse. At least its only 20 stitches to rip back.

Today we're headed to my folks for my Dad's birthday. Small family party, chance to catch up. FPS for the car, socks for inside.

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