Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where am I?

The night before Harry Potter was sold, I started a kitten(219X) from FiberTrends. And put it down during that weekend and now I think I'm ready to pick up at the legs, but I'm not sure. Who's the one who teaches in the conquering UFOs class to leave yourself notes? Who didn't because she didn't think it necessary?

I came across this this past weekend, but it wasn't the time/mood to start it again (hence the FMB). We'll see tonight if I can have the mental energy and courage to figure this out.

The pattern is fairly straightforward, so that's not a problem. One of my issues with picking it back up again is that I can't get all the directions to match what I've already done. I may just be missing somthing.

Ready for the adventure?

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