Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Angsting over (for now)

The two scarves for the contest at the Knit-Out are finished, though, of course, not finished (join in on the chorus) with their ends sewn in.

So, in the meantime, a new project is started. This comes from shopping the stash, something I bought a while back but, according to the copyright, not before 1999. Grand View Country Store has a booth each year at the Granite State Knit In, so I probably got it that June. The pattern is #134, Faroese Style Shawl and it came kitted with 7 skeins of shetland wool. A garter shawl is about what I need as "big thinking project" at the moment, though Himself had a comment along the lines of what did I need another shawl for. I told him I needed something ready in reserve as a gift. I'm not sure I'm thrilled about the yarn itself - it's not soft and it had a real cling to itself factor that would probably make it a really good felter. It could be I haven't used Shetland wool in a while, or it could be there's a reason the price on the ball-bands is $3.25 each from 6 years ago.

Yes, the kitten and the Forest Path will be gotten back to. After the Knit Out.

In other exciting news, my nine-year old nephew is trying out knitting. His mother's grandmother is being moved from her home into a care facility, he saw yarn and needles (presumably being thrown out), says he said to himself, "this is free, I should learn," and so he's trying. Of course, coming on the long car trip to the birthday party for my mother, he left the instructions at home, but there was a quick lesson from auntie. Auntie is putting together a spare bag (like she doesn't have how many spare bags to spare?) to send to him with Kid's Knitting, a tape measure (Patternworks giveaway), stitch holders, tapestry needles, cable needle, and partial skeins of colors of Lamb's Pride Worsted. I'd send him Stitch N Bitch, but I'm not sure how either of his parents would react to the title. If he keeps going, there can be more gifting.

Meanwhile my mother sits there for the afternoon and keeps saying, "he won't keep with it, don't bother." Ya know, you really can't slap your mother, particuarly at her birthday party. It's just not done. I say the kid has surprized us before with things he's accomplished on his own, let's give him a little encouragement for once.

I didn't know Grand View had a web page! Thanks for linking that!

Also, about the knitting nephew - my 13 yo daughter occasionally picks up knitting, knits a few rows, puts it away... repeat a few months down the road. She's had lessons a few times, from me and at a LYS, and I would pay for lessons again. I learned to knit when I was very young, and when I wanted to start again (about 10 yrs ago) I had no trouble just picking up the needles and getting started. Please tell others not to overlook as-yet-unseen future value!
Yes, the ladies at Grand View are very nice, I just wish they weren't so far north.

I have no idea if my nephew will stick with this or not, but I get angry at how my mother will pronounce the doom of any idea at its creation. I could deal if she didn't think knitting was appropriate for boys (maybe), but to announce the child will fail as he begins to explore a new skill really irks me. She does it to everything.
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