Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Boston Knit-Out and Art and Fear

Other things being worked on, besides the two scarves, are the Boston Knit-Out and Art and Fear.

The Knit-Out is coming up fast, hard to believe how quickly, but it is coming together. When you are asked to proof-read a program at the meeting, you know your event is coming soon. The Globe has promised us a mention on the day of. I'll be running the Mind's Eye booth, so Lucy can be free to run the Knit-Out. Come on by, please!

Art and Fear is bringing up things to think about, such as, at what point does hard work become indistinquishable from talent? How many people (including artists) think that art just happens, and isn't subject to drafts and revisions? How many people feel they aren't artists because they do have drafts, revisions, "failures."

Stuff to think on.

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