Thursday, September 08, 2005

Digging down to the reserves of perkiness

Okay, so I'm up and awake, though I'll note, for those who know what it means, that I was awakened by a 45 at 2:38 this morning. Inner reserves.

Progress so far of the Pineapple Hat - bottom leaves are done, that st. st. roll is mostly done. I'm using Cotton Classic and trying on size 4s given that I usually knit looser than the pattern recommends (pattern recommends using 6s and 8s). I may have to redo -- the leaves on the left are barely fitting around the 16 inch circular. Then again, this is for a newborn, so smaller than indended may be good.

Last night at knitting group I was just frazzeled enough that working on the 2nd charity hat from last Thursday was good. K2P1, and watch the multiple. I'm probably close to the 10" length where you start the decreases.

Other projects -- the Forest Path has gotten to tier 21 (of 23) finished on Monday, so once I'm done with this baby gift, I'll be back to that. The current sock for Himself is going through instep decreases. I found the kitten last night.... still missing that back leg and anything else left in the instructions.

And I have to get better at taking a bedtime BG, even if I think it's going to be high out of range.

Now that is going to be cute hat! =)
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