Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Finished Book Dance?

I actually read a book, not skimmed it, not the front and the end and called it done, but read it all the way through.

Garlic and Sapphires is an interesting series of stories. I like the background in life, figuring out how things are done. I'm glad they included the reviews in the chapters that discuss how they (reviews) came about.

On the Pineapple Hat, I've done the bottom leaves, I'm most of the way through the st. st. border, then I need to decide do I keep going with the green and do the top leaves before the rest of the hat, ready to sew on the minute the yellow is done, or do I follow the directions in order and have a finished hat except for top leaves, and then have to do top leaves.

There may be status pictures tomorrow. Today was a rough day and at this moment I'm feeling like I'm not likely to be perky in the morning light. Tomorrow night, once I've made it through tomorrow afternoon (today will be continued, same theme, hopefully in a different manner), Himself is bringing homemade saag paneer for supper and Lisa Greenleaf is calling at the Cambridge VFW. What more can you ask for other than that karma cooperates and allows it to happen?

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