Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Another Mind's Eye Wednesday night knitting group and general good time out. Doria brought reduced fat, homemade cheesecake. I gave Lucy a gift certificate to Windsor Button for any tiara in the case. (Backstory - at the beginning of the planning for this year's Knit-Out, there was much joking about how organizing members would be able to find each other in the crowd, and the comment was that we would have tiaras. Lucy deserves a tiara. She's done a super job marshalling the troops to get things to happen.)

One scarf has reached a milestone and is ready for the next bit of trickiness. This is a sigh of relief to have reached it with a week and a half still to go, given that I wasn't sure how long reaching the milestone would take in the first place. I can't believe it took me how long to re-figure out how to graft garter stitch to itself. The other scarf is going to run out of yarn soon and, by definition, be done. We will be able to rejoin our projects already in progress. Some day, the kitten will get its fourth leg and a head and ears and who knows what else FiberTrends has in store on that sheet of paper.

Art and Fear is raising some good issues for me to think about what makes my projects stall. The kitten has a few complications with it. There are no long stretches of doing the same thing, so there's not much chance to relax into it, before you have to do more high-concentration knitting. There is a high potential of losing one's place in the directions (and the fellow anxiety-prone can speak with me about that later). Individual bits go relatively quickly and are intense. And then there's the issue of how this will felt at the end. How well will it sew up? Will the eyelash stay put or come falling out? Will the hollow belly felt to itself in the process and be unstuffable after? All answers can be avoided by, well, being compelled to enter a scarf contest that you had no intention of participating in a month ago.

On another note, I've been noticing lately there are more occasions when I'd like to be able to give someone contact info, and find myself without paper to write on, or they're trying to hear me spell out my email across other people talking, etc. I don't have business cards because I don't need them in my job, and they wouldn't feel appropriate to give out to social acquaintances.

The Avery company has a wonderful product, #5377, which will allow an individual to print what the Crane's people might consider social cards or calling cards. Where Crane's want $73 for 50 of what are mostly likely very nice, thermalgraphed, heavy stock cards, Bob Slate Stationers, for $13 and change, had packages of 25 sheets for 250 cards, relatively thin stock but we're not fussy, that go nicely through a laser printer. Name, blog and email addresses, five minutes being indecisive with the fonts, and I'm ready to pass these out. I'm thinking they'll come in handy at the Knit-Out, at the very least to have something handy to write down the addresses of other folk's blogs.

Hi Patience!

Yes, the calling cards are quite cool. They do come in handy, and everyone is loathe to throw out cards, you know.

Thanks, & I will see you next week,
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