Saturday, September 10, 2005

I get ideas, I get ideas

(There's a song I've heard Louis Armstrong sing with those lyrics as the chorus. It's a favorite).

The Pineapple hat has its bottom leaves attached to its border and is about to start the yellow part.

So why am I panting to recreate a scarf I first did years back to be ready in time for the Boston Knit-Out scarf contest? I can't submit that scarf because it's done it Cotton Fleece. It's a fine looking object, but winter outer garments in New England constructed of cotton are a bad idea. If it gets wet, it will not warm and may contribute to frostbite. All scarves put into be judged will be donated to charity, therefore, it's a safe presumption it will be used for warmth rather than decorate a hat stand. So I need to count what I did last iteration and get it done it wool. Pix to come later in the month. And, having gotten ahold of Scarf Style through the Minuteman Library Network, I've confirmed my other idea for a scarf isn't in there, so there's another one to make.

Tonight Himself and I are taking a picnic supper (homemade gazpacho) to Providence for Waterfire. We've been before, tonight will be a cool, clear night for it. Maybe the vendor with the Eccles cakes will be there again. hmmmmmm. Raisins as filling in flaky pastry as big as two hands with sugar crystals baked into the top. One massive bolus, but worth it.

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