Friday, September 16, 2005

A quick update

I'm rushing on two projects I don't want to discuss in public that are due on October 2nd at noon. This limits the blog content.......

In good news, the Knit-Out bags are in! Mine is going to be used immediately, since my 4th amendment bag from last summer is getting kind of worn. And, even though I'm Episcopalian, there are times I do like to do a little evangelization.

We went dancing last night. Dan Pearl was calling at the Cambridge VFW. Much fun, a fair portion of newcomers to introduce to phrasing and basic moves. How much instruction about the role of a 2 in contra corners can you convey in an allemande? And the path they should follow as a 1? The Fall Ball is coming up October 15th. It will be Himself's and my 4th anniversary. Scary.

Hi. I just wanted to tell you about this cool message board for knitters to get together and share patterns, knitting secrets and make friendships. See you there.
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