Saturday, September 24, 2005

This will make no sense to anyone who doesn't live the life

but as a demo of the mental gymnastics I go through on a regular basis......

Wilson's Farms had their donut making going this afternoon and I bought one fresh, hot and dredged in cinnamon sugar for all of 50 cents. Yummers. So at 2:32 took a 3 unit bolus to cover it. Tested just now and was 116, right on target.

However, our plan for dinner (since the friends we had reservations with in the North End cancelled on us this morning) was to hike the 2 miles down the Bike Path to the Panera in Arlington Heights, get something there and hike the 2 miles back on what promises to be a clear if chilly evening with a bright moon. Exercise! a good thing! But can I do it at a 116, with how much more of this bolus still to come on-line without eating more?

And people wonder why I get so snitty about knowing details of activities. It's part of doing the calculus of daily life, folks.

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