Monday, September 05, 2005

What we've been up to in the last week or so

Thursday we had a very nice day-trip out to Mass MOCA and the Clark, found premium gas at $3.09, headed to Lenox, visited Colorful Stitches ever so briefly (found sock yarn that goes with the colors I normally wear), and wended our way home, to hear our President announce that we should not take unneccessary trips.

Along the way, I had planned to work on the Forest Path, but got to thinking that's a project for when I want to keep my head down and thoughts occupied (i.e., not on the other cars on the road and the bizzare behavior they may exhibit). So, I brought some blue/black Cascade 220 along, the Classic Ribbed Hat pattern I got from somewhere and K2P1ed my way through the countryside and got one and a half hats done.

Mass MOCA had a small exhibit about the Knitting Machine flag project done there at 4th of July. Neither Himself nor I are big fans of modern art, so we just wandered through the galleries before having some lunch. The Clark was more our scene, and we had a nice sit-down at the end in the Impressionists gallery with the Renoirs and the Monet Cathedral.

Since then we've had a lovely time of doing Not Much. Strolls to Arlington Heights for breakfast, or Wilson's to pick up produce. Watching tennis, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but makes Himself happy. Saturday we had a great time at Lisa Greenleaf's Night of Odd Dancing (the Magnificent Seven was a great dance!), at least until I perfumed myself with an unfamiliar soap at the half and spent the 2nd half with a pounding headache and a stupid feeling at having done it to myself. Sigh.

The news this morning says Massachusetts is getting ready to host refuges at the base on the Cape and I'm wondering who in government would know if these folks are going to need warm clothing. It's about time for me to clear out my collection of sweaters and I remember the exchange students from UC San Diego at UNH getting out long underwear and heavy coats in October thinking it was cold then. Anyone know if a "warm clothing for refuges being sent North" drive is needed or underway?

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