Friday, October 14, 2005

And tonight is -- Chamber Music!

BCMS opens their season tonight and we are there, Jordan Hall, orchestra house right, close enough to see where on the page they're playing from and watch them make faces at each other.

I'll be the one in the sweater and shawl, insisting there's a draft. I think I'll take the electric blue sheep shawl from FiberTrends.

It's not nice to the performers and other audience members to knit during the performance, but there's always before curtain and during intermission. The perpetual sock in my bag should be through the instep and up the foot sometime this evening.

And it's Himself's birthday today! And our anniversary. Our first date was the Fall Ball, and we're going back there tomorrow. He's promised me any waltz I care to dance with him, and we'll figure out who's turn it is to lead when they happen. Looking into his face and seeing he trusts me enough to close his eyes and just follow where I'm telling him to go is a sign of somethingorother. And he's damn cute, too.

Happy Birthday to Himself! (I would have to agree with you about the cute part, too - then again, I'm partial to guys with full beards!) :D
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