Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hiking up the borderland

Sunday night, just before bed, I started the right border for the Forest Path Stole. I was a bit dubious of the instructions, with the strange join. There's nothing like just doing what they tell you to do and seeing what happens, however. I can see what they're doing with the pull big loop through selvedge and use that to work row thing, but I can't quite articulate it to someone else yet. I'm a couple inches up the side, with about 5 more feet to go at a rough guess. Then there's the left side. On the plus side, I've only had about a half an hour to work on it yet, so lack of progress is not necessarily indicative of difficulty. I doubt it will go to the Fall Ball this weekend, so it's time to start thinking of what projects I bring for breaks in dancing. Hats? Socks?

Speaking of which, Mind's Eye will have the tree for the Somerville Family Network this year, starting the weekend after Thanksgiving, so it's time to start thinking of garments to make for that.

In other news, the French Market Bag is still drying, not unusual considering how humid it's been in the last few days and how thick the fabric is. I'm surprized at how square-flat bottomed this one is being, where the others have been much rounder. It will be interesting to see what it does under use. The colors have blended very well together.

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