Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reading Wool Gathering by candlelight

Thanks to the transformer giving up the ghost on Walden Street (fortunately while NSTAR were there working on its buddy), we had a period of flashlights and candles last night. Since I'd been going through my snailmail when it happened, I just kept going by tealight. I'll need to go through the new Wool Gathering a second time, but I was getting the gist of the new books and the Faux Cardigan.

In other news, a couple friends of mine have sent me their pictures of the Knit-Out. We have me and Kimberly minding the booth, the charity knitters, the scarf judging and an unnamed spinner who looks like she's enjoying the day. Thanks, Hobbit and Joanne!

On a side note, my personal email has come back up, though it looks like there's still more backlog to come through. If you were looking for an answer on something, please send it again.

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