Thursday, October 13, 2005

Square adolescence

I have nothing to show today because the work I did yesterday was tinked at the end of the evening. I've been playing with the Beeton's Flower motif out of Knitting Counterpanes by Mary Walker Philips. I won't go into what possessed her to start making up her own terminology for increases and decreases, but now that I've translated them into terms I recognize, work progresses.

It's a nice motif and about the 3rd or 4th one I've done. For some reason, though, this iteration is having difficulties. What was puzzling me last night at knitting group was that the row I was working on would be off because the prior working row (i.e., every other row is just plain knit) was off in the lace. So I'd tink it back to fix, and said row would count out just fine. I is confuzed. It was doing the same thing Monday night. Maybe it's hit puberty.

But it was good to get out to the Wednesday knitting group, even if I got there late. Good company and all.

The Fall Ball is coming up in Peterboro on Saturday. I'm not sure about one of the callers, though. When he's called at Cambridge, he has trouble commanding the respect of the dancers so the teaching is tough. He also uses strange terminology (he's from Iowa) so rather than neighbor, which immediately tells me who to head for, he's using corner, which takes just that extra fraction to translate. (Contra dancers will know how vital that extra fraction can be in a phrase and we don't like to lose them.) And I have found his choreography not interesting. I expect him to bring dances I haven't danced to before, and he's calling standard beginner stuff.

Everyone else on the ticket is hot stuff, though, and Peterboro puts on a nice dance. I'm thinking of taking sock yarn and doing kids sock when I sit out.

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