Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend of other things

Saturday, we wound up not going to Peterboro. In the first place, I was hampered by a severe lack of ambition, which was disconcerting. I like going dancing, so why was I not compulsing around packing how many combinations of fresh underwear, skirts and t-shirts to last through how many hours of enthused dancing, to say nothing of knitting for the breaks? Dunno. Himself was reading aloud flood warnings of rivers we would be near or going past. We got a lateish start from Cambridge, headed to Lexington to pickup Himself's stuff, were grateful for other people going through the unexpectly deep puddles first to show us just where they were, and then looked at each other when, as we turned onto his street, the news on the radio announced that Governor I-may-or-may-not-be-
running-for-a-different-office had declared a state of emergency. We decided against driving about an hour and a half away, last part over 2ndary roads, and then having to get back. The photo is of his swimming pool, which, never opened this year, may have a second life as an artificial pond.

I made some progress over the weekend on the Forest Path Stole. Progress can be steady when you get going, but it's the fishing the loop through the selvedge before starting every other row that gums up the works and slows things down. It gives you a good reason every few minutes to stop and do something else if you're at all inclined, as opposed to one of those thousand stitch shawl rows that have you committed for a half an hour. The good news is you can mark progress every time you come to where one side triangle butts up against the next. The bad news is, there's still a lot of length to cover. And, of course, I take the closeup of the uninteresting side, but I got flummoxed by the low battery signal. Trust me, there will be plenty of opportunity ahead to still get a shot of the how to fish the loop through the selvedge. The patternwriter does make a point of telling you to be sure which part of the loop you're working with, for a reason. Checking you're on track with the seed stitch helps, too.

Sunday, we had an enjoyable hike, I figure probably about 5 - 5.5 miles. Down the bike path to the Dunkin Donuts in the Heights for coffee, back up MA Ave to Wilsons for vegetables, and then back home for lunch. In the afternoon, I was cooking lunches into the future (broiling chicken breasts and roasting a pork loin) and stayed near the stove with the current iteration of Perpetual Sockage. Finished the first, and started the second of the pair.

As of this evening, Porter Square Books has an update on status of the Yarn Harlot: having ordered 5 copies early in September when it first came out, their 5 copies are now on backorder, awaiting the second printing and are expected October 27th or thereabouts. Sigh.

October 27! Ugh! I second your sigh.
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