Sunday, November 13, 2005

Forest Path Stole pictures, and notes on lace

Now that I no longer have to choose between breathing and chewing, I'm finally able to post pictures of the Forest Path Stole. Kimberly did a wonderful job blocking it, and we took pictures Thursday us and our stoles together.
And today Himself and I took pictures in daylight outside his house. The whole stole shot is on the lawn, the close up is on the driveway. Yes, the cast on edge is narrower than the cast off edge. I'm not concerned that this will be noticable when worn.

After this, we walked up the bikepath to the Lexington center and surveyed what was opened or closed due to the problem with the gas earlier this week. His house is well enough away that it wasn't affected. There were plenty of backhoes and Keyspan trucks about the center and surrounding streets. The Library was closed due to lack of heat, some restaurants were open, others not.

The Fischu I started on Wednesday makes progess. I made a comment about downbeat stitch markets. Keeping track of where the multiples are supposed to begin and end is a help, rather than getting to the end of the very long row and discovering you're off. This particular pattern has a 16 stitch multiple, so, with the exception of 2 rows where a double decrease snitches a stitch from the prior multiple, it's easy to figure out if you're on track or not. Like the conductor of an orchestra letting the musicians know what beat they're on, the stitch markers are the best for letting you know you're in the right place. Another thing you can see in the picture is the black electrical tape I use on the page protector to let me know what row I'm working on. It beats coming back to a put-down project, trying to read the prior rows (though it can be done) and playing match-up with the chart.

This particular shawl is longer and narrower than I'm used to. Himself likened the shape to a high-cut bikini, but that's his thinking. I remember when I made it before thinking I was just off gauge, that it came out long and narrow, but now I'm thinking I may try doing extra repeats of the row pattern to make it wider at the top. We'll see.......

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