Thursday, November 03, 2005

Perils on the Path

When we last left the Forest Path, the top border was about to be picked up and the end was in shouting distance.

As I was working on drawing up the 100 stitches across the top, I was thinking I should work them loosely, so that they could stretch. This was completely wrong-headed misguided. I think I had them confused with the future bind-off. 3 rows later it was obvious that having such a loose pickup was going to look just raggity awful when it came time to wear it.

Then I decided that rather than frogging 4 rows, it would somehow be easier to manually adjust each stitch, starting in the pickup row and working my way up closer to the curent stitches. More completely wrong-headed misguided thinking. Not only did it take forever, with an ever increasing length of yarn to draw through the path of all those stitches (i.e., the looseness had to go somewhere), when I got to the end of the first row and decided to frog the other three, it just got loose on its own and amputated itself, if that's possible. There are no pictures.

What I need to make sure of now is that I have 15 seed stitches on the sides before I start picking up the 100 border stitches again, this time at a more normal tension.

It's been resting today while I've been at work. It had better had been thinking about how it's going to behave from here on out, or it may get to do even more resting, BCMS concert on the 18th be dam*ed! And I've let it know that yarn for the next sweater has already followed me home from Mind's Eye.

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