Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Question time

A question in the comments! Katie asks, "Do you know if there are any recommendations for items/sizes/fiber content for the mitten tree?"

Just about anything you would like to contribute will be welcomed. I'll note that the Somerville Family Network is a support system for children and caregivers, so that's a fairly broad range of sizes. If there are parents out there who can't afford hats/mittens/whatever for their kids, you can betcha that they almost certainly could use hats/mittens/whatever for themselves, too.

Personally, I work mostly in wool and find it warmer to wear than acrylic. I also recognize that there are people who, for whatever reason, have adverse skin reactions to wearing wool, so they need acrylic. (No wool vs. acrylic flame wars here). For those new to New England winters, making anything that's going to get wet (snow is not dry) out of cotton is inviting frostbite. Wool will stay warm when it's wet.

Items? What suits your fancy to make? We've started off with an influx of hats along with a few mittens. Got something you've wanted to try? Mind's Eye's free patterns page has suggestions.

Thanks for asking!

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