Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Subway Seat Karma ain't working on the T

At home I've been cranking away on the Peacock Shawl, but I still have hats as my transport knitting during the week.

Except that this week the T seems to feel that running an adequate amount of trains through the tunnels to stop at stations and pick up and deliver passengers really isn't their mission. So, even though I have charity knitting in the bag ready to be worked on if there were a seat available (a.k.a. deserving to have a seat because you'll be taking it up for Good Works), the karma is not opening up seats. It's not even bringing trains on time, which is a different hassle.

On the plus side, I'm caught up on reading all the knitlist and knitu digests I have saved in my Palm for such times. It was a giggle when a few weeks back someone wrote in all upset because they had spent all that money on the really nice acrylic and it wouldn't felt.

Over Thanksgiving, another person wrote in distressed that the Touch Me project she made not only wouldn't felt, but the yarn fell apart in the washer, too . Can you say grinding up filet mignon for hamburger? 1. I don't even know how expensive this is these days, but in the late 90s I remember seeing the material cost for a scarf at $65. 2. This is 72% rayon, 28% wool, which is a high percentage of man-made fiber. Man-made fiber doesn't felt. 3. Who in their right mind felts chenille? Chenille is one of the most fragile types of yarn out there; it's little pieces of thread held perpendicular in a binder thread. It falls apart if you breathe on it hard.

I'm just waiting for the person who complains that they can't get cotton to felt.

LOL! You're right! I caught the Touch Me discussion... I was sitting in my living room with my mouth hanging open.

Some people are just determined to fail under any circumstances.
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