Sunday, November 06, 2005

What next now?

I'm at an odd point of not having a major project right at the moment, now that the Forest Path is done with the knitting.

I've probably got even more languishing projects that I've just forgotten about, but I'm away from home at the moment and am not going to try to go find them in my memory.

What do I want to do next?

Himself's parents have visited over the holidays for the past few years, and I've usually made sure to have something to be working on so I don't have to join in their conversation. Not that they want someone to join in (the notion of ceding the floor for others to participate in the discussion is not their idea of a conversation), but it keeps me from feeling left out and bored to sobs. I usually aim for something that looks complicated enough that I should be left alone, but is really relatively easy so there's little chance I'm going to have a spontaneous hissy fit that they've disrupted some complicated counting that they just won't understand but will insist on blathering about.

I've got the yarn for such a sweater, and it doesn't look like they're coming this year, so I could start that. Another argument is that this is the sweater I reach for in my sweater collection in the morning wanting to wear it, even though it isn't made yet. But I associate that sort of design with the holidays, so it seems early yet. And I need to rethink sizing and design issues since the last iteration.

I've got plenty of really nice yarn in my stash, particularly some of the hand-dyed stuff from Mind's Eye that I need to get over my "I can't use it because it's just too nice" hang-up. It's not like I couldn't get more or different from Lucy just about any time, especially now that she's thinking about when to have dying workshops this winter.

I've got hats to make for the Mitten Tree for the Somerville Family Network. Maybe even (horrors) mittens!

In the meantime, the perpetual sock makes progress, gets finished, and the next gets started.

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