Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Working with the good stuff

I've been dithering with myself for a long time about how much "nice stuff" I've bought for my stash, that I then won't use because I'm worried I won't use it right.

Now that the Forest Path Stole is completed, I've been thinking about a not-quite-so-involved project to have that's a step above perpetual subway socks, but yet not such a long committment. I have in my stash yarn that Lucy at Mind's Eye hand-dyed specifically for me and my self-restricted sense of appealing colors. Pink is a color that works well for me, so she did 2 skeins of her merino-tencel hand-dyed sock yarn just for me in varying shades of pink and white.

Which has sat on my shelf since, (join in on the chorus) I couldn't work with it because it was too nice.

I started the St. Seraphina Knits Victoria Lace Shawl Pattern #S-5 yesterday with this. The pattern calls for sport or DK weight to work at 19 sts. over 4 ", for a finished width of 23 inches when blocked. Note how it's much narrower than the 16 " needle, as posed on the top of the plastic shoebox.This is lovely if what I was looking for was a relatively narrow coat scarf, but I'm not. So I frogged and instead am making the #A24 Ethereal Fichu from Jackie E-S (Heartstrings FiberArts). I've made it before as a gift, done in navy blue laceweight and it came out very nice, if a little small for my scale. Here are some blocking photos. Yes, it still has its "this is the right side" bow tie of white pearle cotton.
I'm thinking that using the sockweight will make what turned out a tad small in the laceweight closer to my size. Progress pictures (with downbeat stitch markers) sometime soon.

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