Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Catching up on other things

Round here lately it's been all Peacock, all the time (to the exclusion of posting on many days), but now that the occasion it was knit for is over, it's time to check back on the rest of life.

This was a group effort for Melissa who moved to NYC back in April. Yes, it takes a while to get everyone's squares in! Melissa received the package on Sunday and has posted nice things about it here.

Last night I finally got to go to one of the Cambridge City Council meetings about saving the dance floor at the Huron Avenue VFW when the City makes a youth center there. It was an experience and I realized I really do have to start paying alot more attention to what's going on with my elected representatives. It's still far from certain we'll be able to save one of the last sprung wood dance floors (in this part of the world), but at least the issue didn't die last night.

In knitting news, I'm back to the fischu, trying to figure out how many repeats of chart C I've done and how many more I intend to do before declaring it finished. It's still deeper than it is wide, but I'm wondering if blocking will solve that (famous last words). It's still nice to have the yarn Lucy hand-dyed for me in my shades of pink getting used.

Back in the fall I had made a hat out of very nice Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I'd had in my stash for a long time because I couldn't bring myself to use it in case I ruined it. And it didn't turn out as I would have liked after felting, partly because afterwards I realized I had had a different pattern in mind that what I had used (dumb!). Since it's small for me, it will go to the Mitten Tree at Mind's Eye Yarns for the Somerville Family Network.

Turns out the New Zealand Woolpak is no longer available. So I will pick up two skeins of Wonderful Wool to make the pattern I do want. Taking another try with the good stuff.....

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