Tuesday, December 27, 2005

If the trip is from Wednesday night to Saturday afternoon

how much yarn should I pack?

I'm leaving directly from work tomorrow, to catch the train west, to meet Himself outside the urban density, to head to the Philadelphia suburbs, to be with his folks Thursday and Friday, before heading home Saturday. Fortunately, Himself will be stopping by during the day to pick up my luggage (remembering that the object of the exercise is not to see how much the suitcase will hold) so I don't have to try to carry that all with me.

So far I've wound 3 skeins of Cascade 220, with a 4th on the way. I've done a swatch over the weekend (4.75 st/in on size 4s), measured favorite and not-so-favorite sweaters to see where I want to head with these measurements, done some math, and I'll see about casting on tonight. It will be a classic Nalgar from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop, since there will be no separate sleeves to take care of. The thing starts at the bottom, goes up to the underarms, increases outward until the sleeves are as big around as they're going to get, the shoulders get woven together, and the sleeves which are about at elbow length get decreased downward to their cuffs. There's not a whole lot of thinking needed while executing this sweater, it's a matter of figuring out while your milestones will be and marching towards them. No need to get upset at interruptions, just lots of lovely knit, knit, knit while listening to the drone. Of the highway, of course.

For the city, I'm going to bring a spare sock in my purse. Light and easy to carry.
Since I'm at the toe of the first sock of the pair, maybe I need another sock project in readiness.

I'm really not thinking about what else will have gone on before we're back. If we're lucky there'll be amusing stories. If we're unlucky, there'll be even better stories.

See you Sunday!

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