Saturday, December 03, 2005

Minding the Store!

Lucy needs a day off today, so Kimberly and I will be minding the store for her. Hope there's a lot of traffic.

In my usual totally overpacked way, I'll be bringing two projects -- the Peacock, and swatching for the sweater Himself wants. Like there's going to be uninterrupted knitting time.....

We were visiting further west in Massachusetts one day when he just was attracked to the Mountain Mohair and an idea for a sweater took hold. Now what pattern to make. I finally got through to him what it meant to buy one skein to swatch with (and he was able to procure the same in his LYS), there will be swatching, and then we'll visit my friend Deb in Wilton at the Woolery and see about getting this sweater going (after the Peacock is done).

Oh, I like The Woolery! Any store with a resident dog (especially large black ones with lovely temperaments) has my attention! She's got a great wall of gadgets, too (unless she's rearranged since I was there last...)
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