Monday, December 05, 2005

Peacock - Row 163 done!

Even if I did have to tink back a bit last night, but only half a row. That took awhile.

We're at the point where rows are investments of time -- (163 x 2) x 2 = how many to do the work row and the purl back row. Don't distract me sweetiekins..... I've told Himself that while I would like to see the new Harry Potter, I don't want to take away from the knitting time now. Besides, the movies are okay, but I know the book story and I find it distracting to have book version going in my head while watching the movie version.

It' s the middle of chart 6, which feels good, and then I look at the sizes of charts 7 and the edging. I'm glad I've got another weekend and 3 vacation days and a bunch of evenings still left to go. We'll have a long car ride on Thursday up and back to the Woolery, and Wednesday we're going to the PEM, and are still discussing taking the train or driving.

Minding the store with Kimberly was fun and busy. It's good there were two of us there. Lots of folks came by, many of them new to the store. Interesting questions. And I never know how much yarn to advise someone it takes to make a scarf. I don't work in bulky weights that much.

Hey Patience! I miss being around porter so much.... i always tell people 2-3 skeins of 220- or convert the yardage/rows from there. all that novelty guff- ugh. short yardage skeins, big needles, lots of fluff....
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