Saturday, December 10, 2005

Planning or going overboard

When you realize you've set up the rows of the Peacock so you can do the purl back and not have to look at a chart on the 77 down from Arlington Heights and then back (pausing at Mind's Eye mid-way to do an actual look at the chart row), you might be going overboard on fitting in the shawl knitting.

Progress continues, as of 4 p.m. today I''ve completed row 212. As of yesterday, I added an extra vacation day this upcoming week, for a total of two. As a reminder the goal is a blocked shawl for wearing Monday December 19th, and it needs to be finished blocking by early afternoon Sunday December 18th, given our schedule.

Back to work on the Peacock. Teeth have been cleaned by dentist, need to floss better, no cavities, back to every six months schedule. For a $100 out of my own pocket for an every 4 month cleaning (that my dental plan won't pay for) I'll take up flossing. No wonder my health care reimbursement account ran out of money the first week in October.

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