Thursday, December 08, 2005

What was learned yesterday

I spent a good portion of the morning feeling like I was channelling the Yarn Harlot......

Things not to do on Massachusetts highways while a passenger in a Subaru WRX:
1. Start a new chart of the Peacock Shawl, thereby losing your reference points of the row below to tell when you're off.
2. Don't start a row that has you reestablishing markers from a 12 stitch mutliple to a 24 stitch multiple, particularly when one doesn't line up on top of the other.
3. Don't be surprized when you get to the 1/2 way point and are one stitch off.
4. Don't try to tink back, especially double decreases, while on said highway. Ka whumpa ta bump a bump ka whumpa. Sport suspension, don't you know.
(4a bless whatever thought process had me put in a lifetime before leaving the house.)

We saw the teapot exhibit -- surprizing large, fairly interesting, if you're there, go. We saw the Taj Mahal exhibit, noting that it's all works that they already had in the collection, just put them together in one place. Had lunch in the atrium. I'm not sure what inspired the sandwich designer to put egg salad and salmon caper spread both on a sandwhich, but I think they would each make nice sandwiches separately.

Had quality time with the project. Finished tinking back and started counting to see if the last row of chart 6 was to blame. Supposed to have 173 stitches. First count: 172. Second count, using the chart and accounting for every symbol, came out correct. Third count, 173 stitches. I'll go with 2 out of 3. Reknit row 175, and it came out even.

Work has progessed since, even with the time spent insisting there must be errata for row 177, when instead I was misreading ssk, K3, k2tog, instead of the real ssk, k2, k2tog, because who doesn't have an odd number in between the decreases. Once arrogance was overcome, the row read correctly and work progressed further.

Today we head to New Hampshire. I'm not sure that Mountain Mohair will be an exact substitute for the Highland Style, but if he's set on Mountain Mohair and likes this pattern, we can be inspired by the pattern in Knitters and adjust the seed stitch borders on the size to make it work. Then again, this could be one of those dangerous niggles I tend to ignore.

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